All prices are "starting at"

cutting & styling

Our price structure reflects a level system based on the demand of the service provided. Depending on the level of experience, the prices for a particular stylist may be higher. Gratuities are not included in the fees for services rendered. 

women's haircut & style – $35
men's haircut & style – $23
children (under 9) – $23
beard trim – $12
special occasion – $47
special occasion, bridal party – $58
special occasion, bride – $59
shampoo, blow dry finish – $23
chemistry system / treatment – $15
color up to 4 oz. – $67
full foil up to 40z– $83

dimensional foils up to 2oz – $73
olaplex/ph bonder– $29
men's camo color – $33
brow tint – $10
hair extensions – prices are determined at consultation
wave – $73
smoothing – $103

nail care

Perfect your nails with this relaxing and refined treatment. We begin with a warm soaking followed by meticulous cuticle work, then buffing finish and completed with our flawless polish. Elevate your experience with optional services available, as listed below.                                                                                                                    

short & sweet manicure - $15 nail shaping and polish essential manicure - $25 includes massage luxury manicure - $35 includes massage and seasonal mask      

A proper grooming regimen isn’t complete without including the feet. The same professional services we provide for a manicure as described above, applies to our pedicure services. Prices are as follows:

essential pedicure – $45 includes massage
luxury pedicure – $55 includes massage and our seasonal mask
paraffin treatment – $10
pedi polish change – $16 includes a soak                                                                                    

makeup & skin care

Some occasions just call for a little something extra in looking your absolute best. Our professional makeup artists do their magic while you simply relax and leave looking fabulous. Perfect for professional head shots, weddings, proms and more.

makeup services:
make up application – $35
air brush make up – $78 (lasts 18 hours and is sweat proof)

eyelash extensions & lifts:
full set of lash extensions – $179
Our stylists are NovaLash trained and certified
refresh – $41-$61 lash lift-$68 lash lift & tint-$98

facial skin repair:
short & sweet facial – $43
Enjoy a 30-minute experience that includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, repair serum, and antioxidant treatment. Acne express facials include extractions.

essential facial – $70
Enjoy our 50 min facial that is completely customized for you! It will include a deep cleansing, exfoliation, repair and rejuvenating serums, mask and antioxidant. This facial also includes extractions, shoulder, neck, arm, hand and foot massage.

luxury facial – $90
Enjoy a one and a half hour facial that is completely customized for you and your skin care needs. It will include a deep cleansing, exfoliation, repair and rejuvenating serums, mask and antioxidant. This facial also includes extractions, shoulder, neck, arm, hand and foot massage.  

corrective facial - $122 This facial combines cleansing, exfoliation, mask, enzymes, acids and corrective serums to target a specific skin correction - hyperpigmentation, acne, melanoma, rosacea or aging. Includes extractions, shoulder and neck, arm, hand, foot or scalp massage.

dermal infusion - $225 This service is a 3 in 1 advanced technology that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses your skin for radiant and rejuvenated skin. This provides a deep cleansing of skin surface and pores, removal of dry, damaged skin cells and delivers specific serums deep into the skin dependent on client’s individual needs.

micro-channeling - $95 This uses a small needling gun that creates channels in the skin’s epidermis to absorb stem cells and growth factors. The benefits include minimize fine lines and wrinkles, decrease pigmentation and acne scarring, decrease pore size and overall better texture appearance.

epidermal resurface – $60
This is a manual exfoliation that uses a sterile blade to scrape the dead skin cells off the surface of the skin. It removes all vellous hair on the face and leaves the skin soft and supple. All skin types will benefit from this. The treatment cannot be preformed on grade 2 or above acneic skin. This can be combined with facials and chemical peels.

vibradermabrasion – $35
This is a manual exfoliation that uses a patented, soft metal paddle that is less irritable than other microderm treatments. This oscillation gently exfoliates and produces a skin treatment in a massage-like manner which is quick and comfortable. All skin types and disorders will benefit. This treatment can be combined with facials and chemical peels.

facial skin repair add-ons:
ultimate eye care treatment – $15
This treatment includes a pomegranate lactic enzyme, eye revitalizer and mask to renew, rejuvenate and tone eye area while reducing puffiness, crow's feet and crepey skin.

baby foot peel – $25
This is a unique foot treatment that uses natural extracts to intensely exfoliate your feet, leaving them smooth and soft.

hand rejuvenation – $45
This treatment is to target aging hands to rejuvenate them using a combination of acids/enzymes that will give an overall healthier skin appearance.

lip repair and renew – $15 Exfoliate to refine, condition to volumize using a lip mask to hydrate, and balm to stimulate and plump your lips.

led light therapy - $25 Add to any facial treatment to soothe skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves uneven skin tone, reduce pore size and brightens the skin.

microcurrent - $35 Uses the body’s own chemical, electrical signals at a cellular level “recharging” the cells and resulting in the toning of muscles while stimulating collagen and elastin. It helps to improve texture and reduce the overall visual appearance of aging.

chemical peels:
progressive– $50-100
This is a mild, yet refining peel. It targets the outer layer of the stratum corneum with no or light visible peeling. This peel can be done weekly or on a regular schedule.

mid-depth – $125-200
Enjoy a rejuvenating peel with little and minimal, to no downtime. The skin appears to have a mild sunburn with light flaking. It targets the intra-epidermal layer and skin will begin to flake two to three days after the peel. This peel can be done every six to eight weeks.

deep– $200 -250
This peel restores and renews skin with the most dramatic results. It targets the deepest intradermal layers where skin peels in large segments. Skin can become brown and crusted prior to considerable peeling, occurring three - four days after the peel. The recovery period is usually seven to ten days and could be done every four to six months.

Mid-depth and deep peels both include a post peel follow up facial and evaluation. Chemical peels can also be added into a facial or at the end to achieve excellent rejuvenating results.

hair removal

Enjoy the comfort of a private room and the peace of mind that comes with knowing we use Nufree: A natural, self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial, anhydrous botanical formula that contains no wax, no sugar and no honey. Our standards for hygiene and discretion are uncompromising and your health is our top priority.

brow – $15
chin – $13
lip – $13
lip & brow – $28
full face – $45
underarms – $31
bikini – $32
brazilian – $59
half leg (knee down) – $42
full leg – $66
full leg with bikini – $82
men's back – $63
men's chest – $43
men's stomach – $43
thread – $20

massage therapy

short & sweet  30min – $37
essential massage 55 min – $60
luxury massage 85 min – $90

Deep tissue massage – $10
Deep, direct pressure and slow strokes melt away aches and pains and restorative treatment that eases muscle tension and revitalize the body. 

Hot stone – $10
Nature’s creative powers are harnessed in hot stone massage. River stones are heated and gently massaged of the body warming the muscles to promote deep restorative relaxation. 

Mom to be – $69(1 hour)
Spoil yourself or an expecting mother with a soothing massage designed to improve skin electricity reduce fatigue and relax areas of tension due to pregnancy.

Foot reflexology – $15

bridal packages

Treat yourself and the bridal party to a complete makeover for this special day; includes special occasion styling, manicure, pedicure, massage, and make-up application. Prices are quoted per day and per stylist. Bridal packages require a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit of 50% is due when contract is signed.

1-5 people – $216/person (Average savings of 23.00 for five hours of service.)

In salon packages
Includes Special Occasion Styling, Manicure, Pedicure, 1-hour Massage and Make-Up Application. Our special package pricing gives you a savings of $23.00 for five hours of service.

On location
If you need us to come to you, we will travel. Mileage and location fees apply. 

spa packages

Take a body holiday – $149
essential massage or facial
shampoo and style
essential manicure
essential pedicure

Ultimate indulgence – $219
essential massage
essential facial
shampoo and style
luxury manicure with bubble mask
luxury pedicure with bubble mask

Cozy escape – $99
short & sweet massage or facial
essential manicure
essential pedicure

Spa sampler – $61
short & sweet massage
essential manicure spa packages of two or more require a non-refundable deposit of 50% due when reserving appointment.

gift certificates

Presents are nice, but pampering is perfect in any size! Glo gift certificates for spa and salon services are available in any amount and can be securely purchased by calling (405) 624-6444. (Gift certificates are non-refundable)